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Knee Hockey Legend Retires as a National Champ

Posted by KneeHockey Bro 14 on January 14, 2014 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (44)

Though he played under the banner of many different organizations in Minnesota's Premier League, most people he's friends with know him as "Connor". Connor retired from the Premier League, and ultimately the  NKHL on January 10, 2014. Connor played for Chelsea in his first couple seasons in the league, then MC for one season, the Beavers for two, and signed with Team Franklin for his last run at the cup. Connor won 5 (of 5) Premier League Cups in his carreer before retiring at age 18. He was forced to officially retire from the league after he made the decision to transfer colleges for the spring semester. Connor's jersey #26 will be forever retired in the Premier League. Connor was a scoring threat, as well as a skilled goalie, which was the key to his success in winning all 5 Premier Cups. After his retirment was announced, the National Knee Hockey League committee met, and decided to award Connor the 2013 National Championship tittle, after being the #1 Ranked Player/Team in the Nation for the entire year.


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Game 2 in the New Years kickoff event resulted in 2 things: A blowout, and a fight. The Seminoles took on Badoo in a rivalry game to act as the second part of the 3 game Premier Leage Marathon. The Noles took an early lead, and began to build on it early. Things got a little closer in the third period and Badoo had the game cut down to 5-3. The Noles then quickly burried 2 more to make it a 7-3 game, Badoo then took a small attempt at a hit or check at the Noles. The Noles reacted by checking back (And scoring another 3 quick ones) making it 10-3 Seminoles. At that point Badoo lost its cool and a brawl took place between the 2. In reality there was no true winner of the fight, and small injuries resulted in the 3rd game of the night (Badoo and Team Franklin) being postponed.


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The new NKHL will feature 3 tiers, rather than 5 divisions. The Divisions were based purely on opinion, as the tiers are based on a formula system, much like the BCS. However the NKHL will run much like college football before the BCS era. Each LEAGUE will be given an initial NCS (National Composite Score) which will place the league into a tier (I, II, or III) The tiers will be weighted. At the end of each season period (3-4 Months) a national champion(s) will be crowned, based on the teams composite score, which will be determined on a formula that will take into account: Wins, Losses, Goals, Goals against, Save Percentage, and the strength of schedule (based off your leagues composite score) then we will determine a sepereate champion for all 3 of the tiers, after that we will factor who the overall champion is. If the composite scores at the end of the year are the same, we will have a "shared" tittle.

"The Premier League" (MN), was recently named an official member of the NKHL, the first of the new season. We used the Premier League as an expirement to test out the new NCS. The System worked as planned as The Premier League was given a National Composite Score of 90.1347, placing them in Tier I. Since they are the only team in the system, their preseason projections have temporarily became our national rankings. They were placed in the league early for expiremental purposes only.

Pure Dominance

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The Premier League is considered one of the best leagues out there, and one organization has simply dominated this league from day 1. You guessed it, formerly Chelsea and then later the Canadians, now the Beavers. The Beavers have won Premier Cup V, along with the previous 4. This club has expressed complete control over the league, and has no plans on stopping. Stay tuned for an interview, with the man behind this knee hockey dynasty. The Beavers are ranked 1st overall in the NKHL rankings.


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Official NKHL puckdrop came today in Minnesota, when the Premier League resumed! It was truly an exciting day in the suburbs of Minneapolis, as The OG Sun Devils took on the Beavers at ET Arena. 


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The NKHL is very proud to announce that we have certified 24 Leagues today! We could not get to certifying all leagues however because the email simply has too many emails since it was shut down, if you entered a league that was accepted please email [email protected] with pictures stats or your teams web address! If we missed you, we will most likely get to you eventually, but to speed up the process, simply fill out a second application. 

We have added 16 Individual 1v1 Leagues!

9 Division 1

5 Divsion 2

2 Division 4

As well as 8 Team leagues!

5 Division 1

2 Division 2

1 Division 3!!!!

Totals of teams will be accounted for later. 

All Division 1 teams with the exception of "The Premier League" (Confirmed) are under the "Pending" State meaning that they will have to be reviewed in order to be confirmed as D1 teams. 

DO NOT forget to give us your stats, videos ETC. For without them it will be impossible to keep track of the official NKHL National Rankings.

Thank you-NKHL Staff 

Premier League Expansion!

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Expansion in the premier league will result in a longer playoff time, and more intesnsity in the league!

New teams have not been anounced but they are for sure coming!