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Posted by KneeHockey Bro 14 on December 21, 2013 at 12:30 AM

The new NKHL will feature 3 tiers, rather than 5 divisions. The Divisions were based purely on opinion, as the tiers are based on a formula system, much like the BCS. However the NKHL will run much like college football before the BCS era. Each LEAGUE will be given an initial NCS (National Composite Score) which will place the league into a tier (I, II, or III) The tiers will be weighted. At the end of each season period (3-4 Months) a national champion(s) will be crowned, based on the teams composite score, which will be determined on a formula that will take into account: Wins, Losses, Goals, Goals against, Save Percentage, and the strength of schedule (based off your leagues composite score) then we will determine a sepereate champion for all 3 of the tiers, after that we will factor who the overall champion is. If the composite scores at the end of the year are the same, we will have a "shared" tittle.

"The Premier League" (MN), was recently named an official member of the NKHL, the first of the new season. We used the Premier League as an expirement to test out the new NCS. The System worked as planned as The Premier League was given a National Composite Score of 90.1347, placing them in Tier I. Since they are the only team in the system, their preseason projections have temporarily became our national rankings. They were placed in the league early for expiremental purposes only.

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