National Knee Hockey League

Recommended Equipment 

Sources found that although the franklin nets that we have, have very wide openings in the mesh/netting...although they absolutely love the smallness of the nets because it makes for a very intense...low scoring games...they also recomend you have timed games instead of games up to a score... if you can find a net with small holes in the netting..and the awesome 22x17.5 inch (55.9x44.5cm) dimensions...that is the recomended net.

^Mylec official pucks.

^^^We recommend these but theyre not the greatest.

^^Best Nets

^We have 4 sets of these pads. They work great.

^This type of sticks are awful, but the majority of people use this.

^Great sticks all around,r:3,s:0

^This is said to be the best flooring however the majority of people use carpet.

^This is the official mylec ball. if you use the flooring above you need this. You can use it on carpet too though.

^Franklin official ball.

best goalie stick^

Scoreboard download ^^^^^^^