National Knee Hockey League

Official 1v1 Rules of the NKHL

 Clothing must be approved by the referee.

How the game is played. 

Net size does not matter but small nets are prefered.

No required rink size.

No boards required.(But recomended)

In the event of a tie in league play there will be a one, three minute overtime then a tie. 

 Periods are 3 minutes long. In play offs we will have 4 minute periods, with 2 minute intermissions where the carpet will be vacuumed and players will go to locker rooms. Also in playoffs continuous overtime will occur rather than a tie.

Penalties are  30 second time periods where the person on the PK cannot score, the penalty is over if the person on the power play scores.



2.Slashing is not allowed.

3.Hooking not allowed. 

4. When in the rink both players must stay on their knees at all times.

5. No arguing with officials, goal judges,scorekeeper,etc.

6. If a shot is banked off of the boards and goes in the net it is not a goal.

Section 2:Disallowed goals.

A.The goalie is checked.

B. The puck never went in.

C. The player left his knees when shooting.

D.The net comes off.

E. The goalie had it covered.

Section 3:Arena Requirments/ Recomendations (Required marked with "*")

(1*) 2 nets.

(2*) At least one reff or two goal judges.

(3) Video Camera over head each net.

(4) Scoreboard.

(5) boards of some kind.

(6) 2 rooms designated as locker rooms.

(7) A food stand.