National Knee Hockey League

Rules for 2v2+

 All rules in 1v1 rules apply in 2v2 besides the one in astricts.

Section 1-

A.Checking IS allowed at all times in the game.

B. Teams must be equal and must have one goalie who stays goalie.

C. Teams at any time can pull goalie and the goalie plays as a player.

D. 1.For Divisions 5 and 4 (Beginner and C) No reffs are required players can make calls.

D2.For Division 3 (B2) Games one ref is highly recomended to avoid conflict or controversy.

D3. For Division 2 (B) Scoreboards are recomended. One Goal judge or assistant ref is highly recomended  alongside the also RECOMMENDED Official.

D4. For Division 1 (A) Games, Scoreboards or simply clocks, are almost completely necessary with a scorekeeper. Players must be given a rest of a minimum of 30 seconds between periods. One ref is required, along with recommended instant replay, and goal judges.

Section 2- Penalties

Penalty methods change for 2v2 you just take off the player that isnt the goalie for 45 seconds, he returns if scored on or when time runs out. 

A.Checking from behind.



Section 3-Playoffs

In playoffs there are 3 minute periods with 2 minute rests with optional vacuuming.